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About CerAxon

  • CerAxon Oral Solution is a Medical Food for the dietary management of brain ischemia (stroke or brain injury) in patients with partially impaired swallowing, taken up to 1gm twice a day for up to 6 weeks   
  • Citicoline is naturally occurring in the body. It has a safety profile similar to placebo demonstrated in 1,100 studies with 13,000 people.  It has been used for 40 years with more than a million users
  • CerAxon Oral Solution is unique; there is no other neuroprotectant  that supports cell membrane stabilization and is formulated for patients with partially impaired swallowing
  •  CerAxon Oral Solution contains citicoline, produced to pharmaceutical quality standards



Citicoline is an essential building block and main component of all cell walls. Citicoline is also vital to the formation of acetylcholine, one of the brain’s major neurotransmitters.
CerAxon is available in effective dosages.

> Protects and supports membranes
> Promotes neuron and synapse growth
> Stimulates neurotransmission
> Supports brain neurotransmitters
> Protects essential brain lipids
> Positively supports brain energy processes
> Stimulates central neurotransmission
> Activates cell repair


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